Inchoate In Life

Life and death, alpha and omega, the be-all end-all, those are a few of the things use to describe the totality that is life. A series of moments intertwined into a legacy. A legacy left behind to be remembered by. The sad reality is that sometimes a legacy doesn’t matter, we fade away into obscurity and a handful of years later we are all but forgotten. I hold on to the hope that I still have plenty of time to achieve my magnum opus, and cement my name in the list of immortals. I mean who doesn’t want to live forever?

Yet you are barely Inchoate in your life. You are at the nexus of the crossroads of life, with the whole world, your whole life, ahead of you. Yet in the quiet moments when I hold you both, I can see in your eyes that you are going to change the world! Don’t hesitate, act fast but act with deliberate ideology and understanding of the moral complexity of the situation. Strick with unabridged power but also with sound understanding.

You will both set out on your own legacies, choosing your own paths and nurture your own growth. You will have many teachers along the way, in different areas of life and different vocations. The teaching that they will instill in you will be more valuable than anything in in this life. They will be something that no one can ever take away from you, a weapon, a defense, a strategy, and a knowledge to make it through this life.

For a small fraction of your life, during the inchoate years, you will see the world as neutral. You may even see it as happy and enjoyable. Cherish those moments when life is nothing more than a playground.¬†Believe me, the playground will quickly turn into a battlefield that will draft you into its war with no remorse. During these times when thing seem bleak and gray, you must remember your teachers and their lesson. Advice becomes priceless and learning from others mistakes is an invaluable commodity. I urge you to never be too self-centered and pompous that you can’t except advice from others who try to help. I promise you no matter how old you get and how much you have learned, you will never know everything. Seek the advice of those who have been through your struggles and learn from those who know more than you do. Even if at times the people that know more are the people who are younger than you. You should never be too proud that you can not learn from others, despite their age.

You are both fighters and you’ve come from a long line of fighter. You have both already been met with adversity and challenges beyond your wildest imaginations. So I know that deep down inside both of you there is a fighter, a fighter ready to set forth and change the world! I promise as long as I am here with both of you, I am by your side. You will make great strides in the paths you choose. So keep fighting for the things that matter. Keep fighting for knowledge, for understanding, for truth, and especially for yourself!

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I've always wanted to write but found myself making every excuse. Well no more! Please feel free to comment and give advice. Also follows are always welcomed. I promise it will get better!

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