A Man Outta Place


[April, 1779]

“Cold in my professions – warm in my friendships – I wish, my Dear Laurens, it were in my power, by actions rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that ’till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you.”

-A Hamilton

Hamilton and Laurens

The relationship between the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens was a very close one. A friendship that bordered upon romantic relations. A fine line that Hamilton liked to play with in his letters to Laurens.

The idea of a Founding Father being consider homosexual is a bit of a controversy in its self. No one wants to think that such a great scholar, writer, and war vet would also have homosexual tendencies. This is especially true today, in a world where love is expected to be hetero and any idea of mixing the lines would be derogative and unconstitutional.

Alexander Hamilton, was known for writing with such conviction and honesty that he struggled to maintain any form of ambiguity. Yet that same conviction and honesty, is what made Alexander a force to be reckoned with. I could outline the number of letters, addresses and essays he wrote but that has already been done. The truth is that the more I study about Alexander Hamilton the more fascinating and intriguing his life becomes.

It is believed that the homoerotic tendencies came from Alexander more than Laurens. Their friendship was not up for questioning but their homosexual relation is. Some believe that it was an attempt by Hamilton to bring Laurens into the light of scandal and bring the scion down to the level of the orphan bastard. Still other claim that Hamilton’s feelings were real, proof being in how long it took him to tell Laurens about his engagement to Miss Schuyler. Alexander also spoke of Elisabeth as more of a simple suitor than a true romantic relation, going as far as to assure Laurens that he will still be as devoted to him after matrimony as he is now.

“She is a good hearted girl who I am sure will never play the termagant; though not a genius she has good sense enough to be agreeable, and though not a beauty, she has fine black eyes – is rather handsome and has every other requisite of the exterior to make a lover happy.”

-A Hamilton to J Laurens

Truth of Myth

So I leave it up to you, to decide what your opinion is of the “Ten Dollar Founding Father”. To me I find it interesting and could probably go on for some time writing about Hamilton and Laurens, but for the sake brevity and conciseness I leave you with both my opinion and the more important facts about this topic.

I believe that Hamilton did was by todays standards bisexual and that even marriage did not detour him from such feelings.

I challenge you my Committed Reader, to do your own research into what other mysteries lie in hiding in our history. As you may know our government has done more than it’s share of hiding facts from the public. I would love to hear of other such things in our history that may come across!


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