My Inner Thoughts

I feel so much hate, I’m forever enraged. In a fight for my fate that I have to engage in day after day. Until I can’t sustain, keeping score on the slate. Losing mate after mate, my minds in a haze and my life is a maze. Nothing pertains but everything is the same and I can’t keep myself sane, I want to break the chains, but I cant, to weak I have no strength. No energy my mind is in a glaze. I want it but I can’t chase. I’m infinitely unsure of every damn thing. Maybe it’s in my DNA and when you unravel the strain you can physically see the pain. It’s become engrained and it’s deep in my veins, and it’s infected my brain. My thoughts contain things I’ve pushed away, troubles and struggles that would amaze. I struggle to feign the fact that I strain and I pretend that in my own mind I reign. I should hold all the blame for the things that pertain to my name. I take aim at a claim that is fake and should be reclaimed. So tie me up and light the flame, so I can be rid of this shame, and be done with this game.

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I've always wanted to write but found myself making every excuse. Well no more! Please feel free to comment and give advice. Also follows are always welcomed. I promise it will get better!

One thought on “My Inner Thoughts”

  1. The hate is natural – did you miss a task on a list?
    Enraged at loosing fulfillment? – let’s get down to the gist.
    The fate is upto your perception, learn more or forget less – it changes, it changed,
    Well it’s a thing to monitor, and another to perform, avoid fully to the decorum, and bliss is pre-arranged.
    Mate 1 mate 2 mate 3 mate poof mate who mate me. Hence, the retrospect my life is the same – welcome the pain to evolve your DNA by trial and test of time and life.
    So intention to negate thought = more thought and intention to increase thought = more thought – Haul the Extended free self management guide on my blog, that is what I did.
    Ah the reign, the defense mechanism – it’s good to let the boo hoo’s out – Ross Geller.
    The shame – you asked for it – Congratulations you have recognizance and are conscientious to some degree – you pass.

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