I’m as muted in truth as I am in emotion. Frozen in a world where love is devotion. Unable to grasp the concept or the notion. For me to find love I would need a potion. I hid from the world alone and recluse. Hoping to someday be able to break through. I scramble to… Read More

Point Pleasant: Enumeration

Part One This is an excerpt from the diary of Lars Holden, a resident of the town of Point Pleasant. I found this diary along with a set of books cataloging all the strange and occult events that have happened in this town. Lars also managed to catalog a number of strange entities that are… Read More

Day Seven

I have finally started “Working” in a sense. It is very relaxing, I finally feel like I am accomplishing a lot, especially when I spent hours just procrastinating and telling my daughter I am about to go start working. Oh I missed working! The pest control people are coming tomorrow and the note is very… Read More


12:44 am: Someone in my building will not quit making noise. They are being loud. Do I complain to the complex manager? Will they even do anything? Will they fix my towel holder? Has my neighbor figured out how to clone the now extinct white rhino? I have to be up at 6am why won’t… Read More