The Pit: Short Story (rough draft)

“It seemed that I heard low, chanting voices, full of hideous yet eager fear -and below that sound, another, filling the bowels of the earth. An hallucination, I doubt it not – but at the same moment, the church was filled with a very real sound, which I can only describe as a huge and macabre turning beneath my feet.

-Stephen King, Jerusalem’s Lot

    My Name seems like as good a place to start as any. I’m Roger ‘Rabbit’ Thompson (I doubt an explanation of the nickname is really required). I’m 66 years old. I am retired and a widower. I never had kids. My parents only had me and even then I was, as they say ‘the product of not pulling out’. I live on a quiet street, in the suburbs of a shit splat town that no one will ever remember. Where I had and still do plan to live out the rest of my life, minding my own business.

I have only a few hours at most to live. It’s not because I’m terminally ill. I am not suicidal. I’m not grieving, my wife died a year before I retired. It’s July, I was born January 6th. I retired that same month from being a postman. So my wife has been gone for two and a half years. I’m not mental. The only reason I know when I will die is because that’s when they told me my house would be swallowed by the earth. I am writing this so people know why Rabbit Thompson chose to go down the Rabbit Hole.

Ever since I retired I’ve started my day in the same monotonous way. At six a.m. with a cup of coffee, black two sugars. Sitting on my porch watching the neighborhood come to life. It’s like a sunflower slowly turning to face the sun. I always felt that everyone’s vibes would affect the people around them. Like the day my neighbors on the right ran over a stray cat backing out of their driveway. I remember the sound it made perfectly, akin to the sound of a lizard eating a mouse. While I’m not sure if my neighbor made it to work on time after spending 10 minutes running around trying to get rid of the cat before anyone saw it. It reminded me of one of those Benny Hill montages where they run around chasing after someone. What I do know is that on that day I dropped a can of soup on my toe, my slipper did nothing to soften the blow. Yet when everything on the block runs smoothly, everything harmonizes. The winds are on time with the percussion who are in tempo with the brass, and the director is almost dancing as he conducts. Although all it takes is one instrument to get out of tune, one overzealous drummer, on conceited trumpet and the rhythm is off for everyone. That’s why I watch every morning, every day. If everything is smooth I could re-shingle the house if I wanted. If something is off I know to avoid anything that could be detrimental to me. It’s a symbiotic ecosystem of vibes and aura. A cosmic milk that at any given moment could spoil. I’m not a hippy but I can’t argue with something I’ve witnessed personally.

The Pit started as just a crack. A crack in the pavement on Tenth street. The crack had been filled multiple times, yet it always came back. I may have been the only one who ever noticed the damned thing, I watched people walk and drive, run and bike, and yet no one seemed to notice. Even the workers that paved over the thing multiple time didn’t seem to notice. I noticed though. It would grow and then shrink. It almost felt like something was growing underneath. The crack had no choice on being something was forcing it. Something willed it to grow. Whatever it was, seemed to be growing too. It seemed like the earth was giving birth. The crack was a stretch mark upon the pavement. Every time the city workers would come fill it, it was like a woman putting some kind of miracle cream on her stretch marks. No matter how hard they tried it wouldn’t work.

That fact that only I noticed it. Made it clear that the crack was here for me. It was biding its time. Patiently waiting for the day it could grow big enough to reach out and swallow me. Devour me along with everything around me. My memories, my hopes, my dreams, my good deeds, my sins, my accomplishments, my failures, my everything. For this reason alone I knew, I belonged to the crack. The crack that would later become the Pit.

The day the crack became more than a crack was a strange day. It was one of those days that had the makings of a beautiful day. Sunshine, a cooling breeze, smiles on the faces of everyone around me. Weather-wise, that day was a wonderful day. A few people on the street, however, would find this day to range from mildly annoying to downright fatal. When I finally got around to grabbing my coffee it was already 30 past six. Which was a bad omen in itself. The day counted on everyone harmonizing, yet I had already started the day late. That was strike one. When I went to the porch and sat down to watch as I always did, everything felt slow. I looked at the crack which now seemed different. I picked the coffee mug up and took a sip, instantly realizing I had forgotten to put sugar in it. That was strike two. That’s when I noticed it. The crack had no dirt. It was hollow underneath. Usually, the crack would form and you could see the dirt that the pavement sat upon. But today for some reason it wasn’t there. At the same time, all of this was running through my mind my neighbors to the right were pulling out of their driveway. It wasn’t until I started setting my mug down that everything clicked. I slammed my mug down, jumping up immediately to yell and wave and find some way to stop my neighbors. By the time I got to my feet, It had all happened. It took my mind what seemed like hours to process what had just happened.

When the neighbors got their front wheels over the crack, everything crumbled underneath them. The pavement gave way under the weight of their luxury car. The pavement crumbled like the pages of an old book. There was no time to do anything, yell or signal nothing. Almost as soon as the car was on the pavement it was gone. The thing that stands out, in the time it took me to comprehend what had just happened. Was that the car never made a sound. There was no impact, no thud or crash. It just fell.

After a few minutes, I finally recovered enough to walk closer to the edge of the newly formed pit. When I looked down all I could see was black. Even with the sunlight directly shining in the hole. The darkness still looked like a pool of swimming black ichor. So dark that nothing could penetrate it. Yet the car didn’t even make a splash. Anyone else would probably look into the pit and think it was filled with oil. I knew all it could be was ichor, black ichor, the blood of the cosmos. At that point, I was sure there was no bottom to this pit. Where it ended or went was beyond me. At that moment though I knew that I would be going there myself. The pit looked similar to a wormhole. It strongly reminded me of the Stephen King book Jerusalem’s Lot. When Charles Boone and Calvin McCann saw the giant worm come up from the hole leaving a pit in the middle of the church surrounded by black slime like ichor. At that point, I could hear in my had a chanting but whether it came from the Pit or my imagination was anyone’s guess. It was calling beckoning. Gyyagin! Gyyagin! Gyyagin! They were calling forth the servant of ‘The Nameless One’. I recalled this from the story. Why I was either imagining this or hearing it for real was beyond me.

From that point on I would sit on my porch and watch as all form of officials investigated the Pit. The Pit at this point stretched from the curb on my front door neighbors side all the way to my mailbox. My mailbox, which I hadn’t noticed in all the commotion the first day was open. That was strike three. The harmony was so off that we didn’t even stand a chance. Once the cosmos stepped up to pitch, we had no idea what hit us. The FBI, Homeland, Geographical personal all of them came and went. They all tried but they never found the bodies. Out of ideas on how to recover the people in the car, they decide to send a crew of spelunkers down. The three guy were suppose to go down and see if they could figure out a way to save the people in the car. I was beside myself at the idea that anyone would willingly descend into the miasma that the pit gave off. A chilling feel surrounded the pit. I was right to feel uneasy about the three spelunkers going down. They only ended up adding to the death toll. Three became six, which would become nine in a matter of hours. That’s when it became all to clear the pit wanted me and it wouldn’t stop till it got me, The pit hadn’t even existed a full 48 hours. Yet it had already devoured nine people. Eight adults and one infant. They chose to create a perimeter around the pit six feet away from it all the way around.

By the next day, my mailbox had fallen into the pit. The perimeter became less of a circle. and more of a horseshoe shape. A man in a suit came to my house and said that I should evacuate my house. I asked if everyone else was being evacuated. To which he said yes, but that I was in more danger than them. According to the suit. The readings they could get of the pit showed a cavern under my house. The cavern was about 60 feet deep and crumbling fast. In less than a week, it would swallow my house whole. I said that I wouldn’t leave. I had no reason to. What he didn’t know was that I was ready to go, to be taken by the pit. He said the pit was growing towards my house at a rate of four feet a day and that if I stayed my house would be gone in less than six days.

From that point on I locked my door, with no intent to ever answer it. They knocked and tried everything to get me out but I refused any advances. I knew that I belonged to ‘Gyyagin!’ and that he would take me to ‘The Nameless One’. I had two dreams over the next four days. The first dream was a first-person view of everything that happened the first few days when the pit first opened up. I could see the crack and my front door neighbors house. I was unable to move and all I could do was watch. I saw the pit swallow the car. I watched as it took the crew of three, saw the other three workers get sucked in, there was no reason they should have died but some force pulled them in, like a vacuum it just drew them into the mouth of the worm. ‘Gyyagin!’. No one had told me how the last three deaths happened yet there they were in my dream clear as day. My view started to get lower and lower till I was looking directly down the pit. I could see the darkness. The pool of ichor. That’s when I realized I was the mailbox, all those years I spent delivering mail and opening everyone’s mailbox and here I was in a dream as a mailbox. Something was swimming in the black ichor. It looked like a worm. A white shadow among the black ichor. Small for now yet it was big enough that it could devour a small infant or even a mailbox with ease. When I finally fell in I was jolted awake at the sight of the worm launching up to eat me. The last sound was the sound of chanting again. It was one quick chant ‘Gyyagin!’. I was awake, covered in sweat with my heart racing.

The next dream was of me eating dinner. The dining room in my house was at the end of the hall my back faced the back wall of the house. Through the doorway, I could see the front of the house, including the porch (even the mailbox had it still been there). The table was set with a candle in the middle, which was the only light source in the house. The light produced by the candle was a sickly yellow, adding to the tenebrous feel of the room. The plate in front of me had held a steak. Next to my plate was a book bound in leather. Engraved on the leather cover was the name ‘De Vermis Mysteriis’. The name, which I knew the translation only from having read the story Jerusalem’s Lot, was Latin for ‘The Mysteries of the Worm’. As I began to eat I noticed the porch had detached from the house and fell into the pit. In my mind, I knew that the pit still had to be patient it would enjoy my house in bite-size chunks before it could ever actually consume me. The front of the house started to develop cracks as the foundation began to be stressed. Boards from the hardwood floors started to snap and splinter. I ate my steak without a word, waiting, enjoy just as ‘Gyyagin’ was doing with my house. The entire front wall came down next. My house now sat at an angle towards the pit. The plate that my steak was on slid down the table. I grabbed the goblet sitting in front of my plate before it had a chance to slide away. It was the wine from my wedding day. I hated wine but for some reason, this wine was sweet, with a slight coppery aftertaste. I drank it till it was gone and then threw the goblet behind me. The table was now gone. Sliding into the void eaten by the Worm. I braced myself as the chair began to slid just as everything else had before it. I slid to the end and the worm, this time bigger, lurched up to meet me. The worm was the size of a school bus. The white color of the worm was almost vibrant among the blackness of the pit.

Those were my dreams. I now only have about three hours before I will be consumed by ‘Gyyagin’. I went into my basement to grab the bottle of wine. When I did the back wall of the basement crumbled and fell. Leaving only a void into the pit. I laughed at the thought that this was the worm trying to consume me earlier then it should. Almost like the cosmos was impatient, unable to control the urge to jump the gun. Waiting for that lapse in rhythm, so it could correct the only way it knew how to. I walked up the stars put the bottle on the table. I got a steak out and turned on the burner. Thinking maybe I should cook the steak before my gas line gets cut by the crumbling foundation. I will stop here so I can finish my dinner. I will leave this story in one of the work vehicles they have left here. No one is around at night, so no one will try to convince me not to stay.

I leave you with this, my last testament, so you know how I went out. I plan to call out to the worm, quoting Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot. I will say to the worm as it opens it’s mouth to consume me ‘Now comes the Hour of Filling, the Time of Rending! Verminis! Alyah! Alyah! Gyyagin!’.


We were Luminescent


From the moment I saw her walk into my class, I knew that she would change my life. I could feel it, I was in love and that was it. A luminescent love that had yet to reach the temperature of incandescence.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to be her everything. I wanted to be the cardigan she wore, loosely fitting but tight enough to feel secure. I wanted to be her glasses, to see the world through her eyes. I wanted to be her phone, something so important that it was always by her side. I wanted to be the book she read before she went to bed, getting all the attention form her. I wanted to be her mirror, to watch her insecurities disappear as she danced and sang in front of me.  I wanted to be her blankets, to cocoon her in a long embrace, trapping her own warmth within and just letting her melt into a vulnerable state.

But most importantly I wanted to be all those things at once, I wanted to be her best friend. The person that could do all those things at once. But I new that I would have to step up my own luminescence, and step out of my comfort zone, A simple gesture would not win her over, it would have to be a triumphant display. I knew I was in for a fight and I was more than ready!

What’s Friends

Friends are a true treasure, a precious resource that we sometimes tend to treat like a commodity. First off the best friends are like diamonds they are forged in the fires of some of the most difficult times in your life. Seeming to literally come into your life when you need them the most. Walking out of the mist to support and encourage you. So through the last few years I’ve learned a few things about true friends.

First don’t abuse your friends. It’s easy to deal with situations where you are uncomfortable or not use to, by unknowingly attacking your friend. Yet it’s these moments that you should take the time to talk to your friends one on one and lay it all out on the table. If you can’t suck it up and be brutally honest with your friends than you should reevaluate your friendship. Truth is, that sounds more like an acquaintance than a friend. Openness is a crucial part of any relationship so don’t avoid it in friendships.

Never be afraid to break down. Your friends are not going to judge you for crying in front of them, (at least they shouldn’t). Let it out, if your having a shitty day or week or months, your friends will understand. Maybe you need a second opinion, or someone to listen, or you need multiple points of views, it doesn’t matter cause they will do what it takes to help you. If all else fails they will at least distract you and help you have some fun for a while.

Make memories! In those moments late at night, (or early morning) you will find that you will be reminiscing on past experience, so making new ones is a must. Don’t matter what you do, even if it’s just getting a cup of coffee, going to the cinema, or hanging at your house. Those times will be the ones to help strengthen your bond. So do stuff together and never be afraid to try new things, cause if there was anyone to do this with it’s them!

Know when to be thick skinned. Jokes are jokes learn to brush it off and move on, but if you really feel that strongly don’t be afraid to say something. When your joking around trying to one up each other someone is bound to take it to far unintentionally, say something or move forward. When you get going sometimes it’s hard to hold back so be ready to apologize if you feel you’ve gone to far.

Do not give up! Don’t give up on your friends, we all deal with certain situations in different ways. If they step away let them, it might be what they need but always be ready for them when they return, that’s when they will need you the most.

I have some of the best friends I could ask for and without them I wouldn’t have made it through half the shit I’ve been through. I would do anything for these Losers and I would be lost without them. I hope that I will be able to return the favor tenfold! They mean more to me than they know. I love them and I can’t wait to see where we end up!


Put a Rush On It


Everyone lives their life in a rush. How soon can I get this, how quickly can I have that. It’s a time when everyone want’s everything handed to them, and they want it done posthaste. I’ve even been guilty of doing it. We can’t seem to wait for things anymore. For instance if I order something online I want the option for two day delivery or even over night. In my mind I can’t afford to wait four to five days for it to come in through standard shipping. When we have our mind set of something that we want than everything else doesn’t matter at all.

We go outta our way to get the thing we desire most asap. Despite the fact that Wednesday is the least busiest day of the week, why would we want to wait or mind is made up and it has to be done now! I have time between work and class or I could go on my lunch and do it. The bad part is that’s the adult mentality.

The youth have picked up on  this rush mentality from us. The main difference is that youth can’t always do stuff for themselves to accomplish what they want. Lord help the parents whos kids demand that they want what they want now. Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter what you have going on ,it has to happen when they want it to happen. So what do you do as a parent when it comes to this, how do you teach your kids to learn to wait?

I feel like maybe it has a lot to do with how much of a rush your in. If you go out to get that item you just realized five minutes ago that you really need than why would your kids not pick up on that habit. Sometimes we forgo updates and better items cause we don’t want to wait another day or week for something. We need to learn to look at our circumstances and figure out if we can really afford to drop everything for something that is sometimes very minimal?

What lesson do we teach our children by example if all we do is expect everyone to put a rush on everything? We must make changes and practice patience in order to instill in our kids the importance of waiting.

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Life Is Cray


When we start to actually experience life to it’s fullest, we come to quickly realize that our cups are neither half full or half empty. In fact we find out rather quickly that the proverbial cup is actually a body of water that forces us to either sink or swim. We have many trials throughout life where we must decided what we must do.

Sometimes we see two options and we think we have time to make up our minds. Will you go right or left, will we take the blue pill or red pill or do we ascend or descend. Sometimes both outcomes are favorable, yet sometime one will burn us and the other will benefit us. We are hard wired to assume that we must always climb or that we have to make the right choice. That’s not how it always works out. When the time finally comes to make the choice we find that sometimes that choice is already made for us.

Life will always try to thwart us in ways that we may not always understand. Our comprehension of the situation is what will ultimately decide if life actually thwarted us or not. Some of the things we have to consider are,

  1. Did we learn something from the experience? Did we achieve new knowledge from the situation?
  2. What is our standing after the fact? Are we better off or did we come up short?
  3. Could it have been worse? If you come up short, is it really that bad?
  4. Will I be ready for the next time? Can I better circumnavigate this situation in the future?

We can’t exactly practice life. It’s not like getting better at a game, life just happens how it’s going to happen. So if we can’t take something away from the trial than life has thwarted us.

We must learn to go with life and have the determination to always find the silver lining. It’s not always easy to except that things happened for a reason, but when you learn to do so, you learn how to enjoy the journey to the next crossroads.

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The Aliens: Poem

I don’t sleep very well now a day.

I toss and turn, I’m wide awake.

I lay in bed staring at the clock.

Chunks of time I’ve seemed to have lost.

2 am turns to 3:45.

I see them just outta my sight.

In the shadows of the night light.

They are small little humanoids.

I must protect my wife and boys.

What do they want from us right now?

Will they dissect us like a cow?

Can we escape before they do?

Is it to late to fly the coup.

They have us cornered in the room.

My family is in real doom.

I have to protect them some way.

I cannot  let them win today.

I look at my wife she is scared.

My boys are huddled as they stare.

On the floor cause they know its close.

I hug my wife, she grips my clothes.

I push her away with a kiss.

I can’t even imagine what she thinks.

She thought I was crazy before.

Her look,  she doesn’t anymore.

I cannot lose my family.

Not to these things, that’s just not me.

I look through my drawer and find it.

It will save us,  I just can’t miss.

But wait how many are out there.

I count the bullets that are there.

Six, six bullets is all I have.

Now this room feels like a death-trap.

I have to think what can I do?

Maybe this is it, we are through.

My wife, she is holding my kids.

I can’t imagine what they think.

These thing will not take them from me.

Please as if over my dead body.

They will be in the room real soon.

I look at the gun with cold gloom.

I know what has to happen now.

I did it but I don’t know how.

First the youngest then the oldest.

My wife, the last I put to rest.

They wont get them now, it’s over.

I look at my wife, I loved her.

The barrel is warm in my mouth.

I have braced myself for the sound.

I can’t believe this is the end.

Forgive our trespasses, amen.

Inchoate In Life

Life and death, alpha and omega, the be-all end-all, those are a few of the things use to describe the totality that is life. A series of moments intertwined into a legacy. A legacy left behind to be remembered by. The sad reality is that sometimes a legacy doesn’t matter, we fade away into obscurity and a handful of years later we are all but forgotten. I hold on to the hope that I still have plenty of time to achieve my magnum opus, and cement my name in the list of immortals. I mean who doesn’t want to live forever?

Yet you are barely Inchoate in your life. You are at the nexus of the crossroads of life, with the whole world, your whole life, ahead of you. Yet in the quiet moments when I hold you both, I can see in your eyes that you are going to change the world! Don’t hesitate, act fast but act with deliberate ideology and understanding of the moral complexity of the situation. Strick with unabridged power but also with sound understanding.

You will both set out on your own legacies, choosing your own paths and nurture your own growth. You will have many teachers along the way, in different areas of life and different vocations. The teaching that they will instill in you will be more valuable than anything in in this life. They will be something that no one can ever take away from you, a weapon, a defense, a strategy, and a knowledge to make it through this life.

For a small fraction of your life, during the inchoate years, you will see the world as neutral. You may even see it as happy and enjoyable. Cherish those moments when life is nothing more than a playground. Believe me, the playground will quickly turn into a battlefield that will draft you into its war with no remorse. During these times when thing seem bleak and gray, you must remember your teachers and their lesson. Advice becomes priceless and learning from others mistakes is an invaluable commodity. I urge you to never be too self-centered and pompous that you can’t except advice from others who try to help. I promise you no matter how old you get and how much you have learned, you will never know everything. Seek the advice of those who have been through your struggles and learn from those who know more than you do. Even if at times the people that know more are the people who are younger than you. You should never be too proud that you can not learn from others, despite their age.

You are both fighters and you’ve come from a long line of fighter. You have both already been met with adversity and challenges beyond your wildest imaginations. So I know that deep down inside both of you there is a fighter, a fighter ready to set forth and change the world! I promise as long as I am here with both of you, I am by your side. You will make great strides in the paths you choose. So keep fighting for the things that matter. Keep fighting for knowledge, for understanding, for truth, and especially for yourself!

In It For The Long Haul!

I’m in it for the long Haul. Life is unfair, seeming to put us through misery more than victory. Victory is fleeting, difficult to achieve and harder to keep. Life is meant to be lived for those small victories, and the moments in between. When we are going through struggle than we must remember that “this too shall pass”. Our determination and will to push forward, despite life trying to haul us down. That will is what will make the Victory sweeter, but we must enjoy the victory to it’s fullest because “this too shall pass”.

I’ve had my share of unforgiving moments in life, times that felt like I would never make it out of. The death of my parents, the scare of my daughter being in the NICU, the death of my wife and birth of my son, and a house fire. all within 11 years. Which seems like a long time but when those years are filled with so much chaos and uncertainty. You start to forget how to enjoy the calm and peace that come after the victory. I was finding my self more stressed that I wasn’t stressed.

I’ve learned a lot in those years, who my true friends are, who my real family is, and how to keep pushing forward. Determination and understanding is the only thing that will get you through the long haul. Determination to keep moving forward for you, your family or even your loved ones. Understanding that no matter how hard things seem they will get better! We push forward while everything tries to haul us down.

In an eradicate life full of uncertainty and rigmarole, you must enjoy the little moments in life. That is the only way to make to good times out way the long arduous bad times. When you can enjoy sometime with friends laughing and talking, a moment to enjoy a good movie, a relaxing hobby, time with family. Every little bit helps to outnumber the bad, these little moments are the sweetest. They may not be a full victory, but winning the battle goes along way towards victory in the war!

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