Day Nine

I’m about done with the neighbors annoying kids. If they don’t settle down I’m going to sell them to the circus.

Which reminds me I really need to get a microwave cause I’m craving popcorn!!!

Also the dog took a poo in the roo..m. Gross gonna have to teach her how to use the toilet. More research is required.

Living the life!


Day Eight

They sprayed the apartment for the bugs. We don’t have bugs. Probably because they spray for them.

My daughter went to the park to hang out with her friends, when she came back she called me and said she had been knocking on the door. So I went to the door and opened it. There was no one there. She said she was right outside the door. I said no your not i’m at the door and your not out here. She kept trying to convince me otherwise until I realized I could see her at the other apartment building. Knocking on a door that is not ours.

I worry about her.


Day Seven

I have finally started “Working” in a sense. It is very relaxing, I finally feel like I am accomplishing a lot, especially when I spent hours just procrastinating and telling my daughter I am about to go start working. Oh I missed working!

The pest control people are coming tomorrow and the note is very vague on their wording so I have no idea if I am suppose to just empty the cupboards, pantry and closets in the kitchen or the entire house.

I guess we will find out!


Day Six

My daughter went to go take the canine out to make. I noticed that she had paused at the door, leaning forward and just standing there. I asked her if she wanted me to go with her? She said no I was just waiting for the neighbor to go back into their apartment before I went out.

I fear she is becoming more like me.

I am still trying to get comfortable living here. I have everything I need including my books, games, laptop and internet. Yet I find myself wondering around the apartment aimlessly. Maybe I am the ghost from early.


Day Five

We found out that one of our mail box keys does not work. Which is ridiculous because how else will I be able to receive my monthly Cosmo?

There was a power outage. Every building lost power. That’s okay it’s Oklahoma. There is a lot of wind. Crazy weather.

My main concern the stove is electric. Let that sink in for a minute. Right! I’m terrified.



Katie and I were lounging on the balcony. A mother and her two little girls pulled up. The little girl looked up at us than pointed to the balcony and said look mom a dog!

I was about to tell her off for calling me a dog. Like who does she think she is?

Teach your kids some manners….

Wait never mind I forgot Nova was up here with us. Glad i didn’t say anything.


Day Four

Today was the first day driving the kids to school in the morning. As we were leaving I remember seeing the light to my room still illuminated yet when I returned and walked into my room the light was off. Maybe we have ghosts, further research required.

If they are over 18 do I need to put them on the lease? Maybe they will help with rent.

Also Nova (our canine) has an obsession with trying to climb in my chair with me. I love her but I could do without her using my balls as a Launchpad to get off.


Day Three

I took the trash to the dumpster, it’s a long walk, it was dark and I hit the side of the dumpster by accident. I nearly crapped myself.

I also keep almost falling every time I get outta the shower because of the height difference.

I will hopefully adjust eventually…