What’s Friends

Friends are a true treasure, a precious resource that we sometimes tend to treat like a commodity. First off the best friends are like diamonds they are forged in the fires of some of the most difficult times in your life. Seeming to literally come into your life when you need them the most. Walking out of the mist to support and encourage you. So through the last few years I’ve learned a few things about true friends.

First don’t abuse your friends. It’s easy to deal with situations where you are uncomfortable or not use to, by unknowingly attacking your friend. Yet it’s these moments that you should take the time to talk to your friends one on one and lay it all out on the table. If you can’t suck it up and be brutally honest with your friends than you should reevaluate your friendship. Truth is, that sounds more like an acquaintance than a friend. Openness is a crucial part of any relationship so don’t avoid it in friendships.

Never be afraid to break down. Your friends are not going to judge you for crying in front of them, (at least they shouldn’t). Let it out, if your having a shitty day or week or months, your friends will understand. Maybe you need a second opinion, or someone to listen, or you need multiple points of views, it doesn’t matter cause they will do what it takes to help you. If all else fails they will at least distract you and help you have some fun for a while.

Make memories! In those moments late at night, (or early morning) you will find that you will be reminiscing on past experience, so making new ones is a must. Don’t matter what you do, even if it’s just getting a cup of coffee, going to the cinema, or hanging at your house. Those times will be the ones to help strengthen your bond. So do stuff together and never be afraid to try new things, cause if there was anyone to do this with it’s them!

Know when to be thick skinned. Jokes are jokes learn to brush it off and move on, but if you really feel that strongly don’t be afraid to say something. When your joking around trying to one up each other someone is bound to take it to far unintentionally, say something or move forward. When you get going sometimes it’s hard to hold back so be ready to apologize if you feel you’ve gone to far.

Do not give up! Don’t give up on your friends, we all deal with certain situations in different ways. If they step away let them, it might be what they need but always be ready for them when they return, that’s when they will need you the most.

I have some of the best friends I could ask for and without them I wouldn’t have made it through half the shit I’ve been through. I would do anything for these Losers and I would be lost without them. I hope that I will be able to return the favor tenfold! They mean more to me than they know. I love them and I can’t wait to see where we end up!


Put a Rush On It


Everyone lives their life in a rush. How soon can I get this, how quickly can I have that. It’s a time when everyone want’s everything handed to them, and they want it done posthaste. I’ve even been guilty of doing it. We can’t seem to wait for things anymore. For instance if I order something online I want the option for two day delivery or even over night. In my mind I can’t afford to wait four to five days for it to come in through standard shipping. When we have our mind set of something that we want than everything else doesn’t matter at all.

We go outta our way to get the thing we desire most asap. Despite the fact that Wednesday is the least busiest day of the week, why would we want to wait or mind is made up and it has to be done now! I have time between work and class or I could go on my lunch and do it. The bad part is that’s the adult mentality.

The youth have picked up on¬† this rush mentality from us. The main difference is that youth can’t always do stuff for themselves to accomplish what they want. Lord help the parents whos kids demand that they want what they want now. Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter what you have going on ,it has to happen when they want it to happen. So what do you do as a parent when it comes to this, how do you teach your kids to learn to wait?

I feel like maybe it has a lot to do with how much of a rush your in. If you go out to get that item you just realized five minutes ago that you really need than why would your kids not pick up on that habit. Sometimes we forgo updates and better items cause we don’t want to wait another day or week for something. We need to learn to look at our circumstances and figure out if we can really afford to drop everything for something that is sometimes very minimal?

What lesson do we teach our children by example if all we do is expect everyone to put a rush on everything? We must make changes and practice patience in order to instill in our kids the importance of waiting.

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Life Is Cray


When we start to actually experience life to it’s fullest, we come to quickly realize that our cups are neither half full or half empty. In fact we find out rather quickly that the proverbial cup is actually a body of water that forces us to either sink or swim. We have many trials throughout life where we must decided what we must do.

Sometimes we see two options and we think we have time to make up our minds. Will you go right or left, will we take the blue pill or red pill or do we ascend or descend. Sometimes both outcomes are favorable, yet sometime one will burn us and the other will benefit us. We are hard wired to assume that we must always climb or that we have to make the right choice. That’s not how it always works out. When the time finally comes to make the choice we find that sometimes that choice is already made for us.

Life will always try to thwart us in ways that we may not always understand. Our comprehension of the situation is what will ultimately decide if life actually thwarted us or not. Some of the things we have to consider are,

  1. Did we learn something from the experience? Did we achieve new knowledge from the situation?
  2. What is our standing after the fact? Are we better off or did we come up short?
  3. Could it have been worse? If you come up short, is it really that bad?
  4. Will I be ready for the next time? Can I better circumnavigate this situation in the future?

We can’t exactly practice life. It’s not like getting better at a game, life just happens how it’s going to happen. So if we can’t take something away from the trial than life has thwarted us.

We must learn to go with life and have the determination to always find the silver lining. It’s not always easy to except that things happened for a reason, but when you learn to do so, you learn how to enjoy the journey to the next crossroads.

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Inchoate In Life

Life and death, alpha and omega, the be-all end-all, those are a few of the things use to describe the totality that is life. A series of moments intertwined into a legacy. A legacy left behind to be remembered by. The sad reality is that sometimes a legacy doesn’t matter, we fade away into obscurity and a handful of years later we are all but forgotten. I hold on to the hope that I still have plenty of time to achieve my magnum opus, and cement my name in the list of immortals. I mean who doesn’t want to live forever?

Yet you are barely Inchoate in your life. You are at the nexus of the crossroads of life, with the whole world, your whole life, ahead of you. Yet in the quiet moments when I hold you both, I can see in your eyes that you are going to change the world! Don’t hesitate, act fast but act with deliberate ideology and understanding of the moral complexity of the situation. Strick with unabridged power but also with sound understanding.

You will both set out on your own legacies, choosing your own paths and nurture your own growth. You will have many teachers along the way, in different areas of life and different vocations. The teaching that they will instill in you will be more valuable than anything in in this life. They will be something that no one can ever take away from you, a weapon, a defense, a strategy, and a knowledge to make it through this life.

For a small fraction of your life, during the inchoate years, you will see the world as neutral. You may even see it as happy and enjoyable. Cherish those moments when life is nothing more than a playground.¬†Believe me, the playground will quickly turn into a battlefield that will draft you into its war with no remorse. During these times when thing seem bleak and gray, you must remember your teachers and their lesson. Advice becomes priceless and learning from others mistakes is an invaluable commodity. I urge you to never be too self-centered and pompous that you can’t except advice from others who try to help. I promise you no matter how old you get and how much you have learned, you will never know everything. Seek the advice of those who have been through your struggles and learn from those who know more than you do. Even if at times the people that know more are the people who are younger than you. You should never be too proud that you can not learn from others, despite their age.

You are both fighters and you’ve come from a long line of fighter. You have both already been met with adversity and challenges beyond your wildest imaginations. So I know that deep down inside both of you there is a fighter, a fighter ready to set forth and change the world! I promise as long as I am here with both of you, I am by your side. You will make great strides in the paths you choose. So keep fighting for the things that matter. Keep fighting for knowledge, for understanding, for truth, and especially for yourself!