Life Is Cray


When we start to actually experience life to it’s fullest, we come to quickly realize that our cups are neither half full or half empty. In fact we find out rather quickly that the proverbial cup is actually a body of water that forces us to either sink or swim. We have many trials throughout life where we must decided what we must do.

Sometimes we see two options and we think we have time to make up our minds. Will you go right or left, will we take the blue pill or red pill or do we ascend or descend. Sometimes both outcomes are favorable, yet sometime one will burn us and the other will benefit us. We are hard wired to assume that we must always climb or that we have to make the right choice. That’s not how it always works out. When the time finally comes to make the choice we find that sometimes that choice is already made for us.

Life will always try to thwart us in ways that we may not always understand. Our comprehension of the situation is what will ultimately decide if life actually thwarted us or not. Some of the things we have to consider are,

  1. Did we learn something from the experience? Did we achieve new knowledge from the situation?
  2. What is our standing after the fact? Are we better off or did we come up short?
  3. Could it have been worse? If you come up short, is it really that bad?
  4. Will I be ready for the next time? Can I better circumnavigate this situation in the future?

We can’t exactly practice life. It’s not like getting better at a game, life just happens how it’s going to happen. So if we can’t take something away from the trial than life has thwarted us.

We must learn to go with life and have the determination to always find the silver lining. It’s not always easy to except that things happened for a reason, but when you learn to do so, you learn how to enjoy the journey to the next crossroads.

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The Aliens: Poem

I don’t sleep very well now a day.

I toss and turn, I’m wide awake.

I lay in bed staring at the clock.

Chunks of time I’ve seemed to have lost.

2 am turns to 3:45.

I see them just outta my sight.

In the shadows of the night light.

They are small little humanoids.

I must protect my wife and boys.

What do they want from us right now?

Will they dissect us like a cow?

Can we escape before they do?

Is it to late to fly the coup.

They have us cornered in the room.

My family is in real doom.

I have to protect them some way.

I cannot  let them win today.

I look at my wife she is scared.

My boys are huddled as they stare.

On the floor cause they know its close.

I hug my wife, she grips my clothes.

I push her away with a kiss.

I can’t even imagine what she thinks.

She thought I was crazy before.

Her look,  she doesn’t anymore.

I cannot lose my family.

Not to these things, that’s just not me.

I look through my drawer and find it.

It will save us,  I just can’t miss.

But wait how many are out there.

I count the bullets that are there.

Six, six bullets is all I have.

Now this room feels like a death-trap.

I have to think what can I do?

Maybe this is it, we are through.

My wife, she is holding my kids.

I can’t imagine what they think.

These thing will not take them from me.

Please as if over my dead body.

They will be in the room real soon.

I look at the gun with cold gloom.

I know what has to happen now.

I did it but I don’t know how.

First the youngest then the oldest.

My wife, the last I put to rest.

They wont get them now, it’s over.

I look at my wife, I loved her.

The barrel is warm in my mouth.

I have braced myself for the sound.

I can’t believe this is the end.

Forgive our trespasses, amen.

In It For The Long Haul!

I’m in it for the long Haul. Life is unfair, seeming to put us through misery more than victory. Victory is fleeting, difficult to achieve and harder to keep. Life is meant to be lived for those small victories, and the moments in between. When we are going through struggle than we must remember that “this too shall pass”. Our determination and will to push forward, despite life trying to haul us down. That will is what will make the Victory sweeter, but we must enjoy the victory to it’s fullest because “this too shall pass”.

I’ve had my share of unforgiving moments in life, times that felt like I would never make it out of. The death of my parents, the scare of my daughter being in the NICU, the death of my wife and birth of my son, and a house fire. all within 11 years. Which seems like a long time but when those years are filled with so much chaos and uncertainty. You start to forget how to enjoy the calm and peace that come after the victory. I was finding my self more stressed that I wasn’t stressed.

I’ve learned a lot in those years, who my true friends are, who my real family is, and how to keep pushing forward. Determination and understanding is the only thing that will get you through the long haul. Determination to keep moving forward for you, your family or even your loved ones. Understanding that no matter how hard things seem they will get better! We push forward while everything tries to haul us down.

In an eradicate life full of uncertainty and rigmarole, you must enjoy the little moments in life. That is the only way to make to good times out way the long arduous bad times. When you can enjoy sometime with friends laughing and talking, a moment to enjoy a good movie, a relaxing hobby, time with family. Every little bit helps to outnumber the bad, these little moments are the sweetest. They may not be a full victory, but winning the battle goes along way towards victory in the war!

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