Madre De Amor

A mother sacrifices in order to prevent her child from digging their grave.

They go through trials and emotions; fear and hardship yet always brave.

Giving life, love, comfort, and nourishment to her sons and daughters.

Keeping them safe, clothed and feed, all while never seeming to falter.

Stoic in times never showing the fear in her mind, keeping it all out of sight,

She must fight to hide the horrors of the earth from her children for a time.

The world is scary and it has teeth, but a mother has power and spells to keep it at peace.

There is no limit to her love, she knows that until her time, she will make it reach.

And even after she is laid to rest, her memory will exist in those she loved and raised,

It will be passed on through generations, from her kids to their kin, in words of praise!

She give you safe passage as you ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death’.

A place she has been through before, holding you close to her chest.

The love of a mother will always stay true and will never fade or even decay.

It will stand and show in her faith of you, cause unlike others she knows you’ll do great.

A true mother will have made an impact in the life of those all around

Once it’s gone it will leave a felling so harsh and profound.

But the memories should remain, that will help explain why her loss was such a pain

and why her memory will never be in vain, because her love, deep inside we contain.