Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen: Either there is something in the air, or we are just getting use to living the apartment life. Nothing stood out and it worries me but at the same time I’m done worrying.

I spent fifteen minutes looking through my blind and screaming at the people getting outta there cars or taking their trash out.

I think I’m losing it. I’m becoming a cranky old man.


Day Eighteen

I went to Wal-Mart to get the right light bulbs. They did not have them. Yay!


Also my downstairs neighbor started yelling and cussing at each other! Yelling about stabbing each other and threatening to kill one another. Y’all are on another level of crazy!

Get that mess outta her!


Day Seventeen

One of the bulbs in my room has been burned out. So I thought I would just go down to the ol’ Walmart and purchase a fresh pack of bulbs.

I got them, came home and changed them out.

WRONG, I had no idea that they were two pronged bulbs and not regular bulbs! What the heck is that about? I just spent 12 bucks on light bulbs! Bloody hell!!!


Day Sixteen

The calm before the storm theory was right! The upstairs neighbors are back at it. It sounds like a herd of Water Buffaloes are practicing tap dancing in the apartment upstairs. I’ve caught myself getting on to Rose for noises that she isn’t making.

I fear they are trying to divide us, turn us against each other.

War is on the horizon. I have started making preparations with my Generals. We plan to make our move at the start of the week. We will fight it with all our resources and cunning.

We will prevail, so I wish them the best of luck! (Not really)


Day Fourteen

I took Rose to the apartment playground. She found a coin purse full of change. She asked if we could keep it and I said no it belongs to someone else and they might come back for it.

The little girl did come back for it while we were there. Rose was happy that they came for even though she really wanted it.

My apartment keeps smelling like weed and its getting annoying. It’s been so bad today that the porch even smells like it.

I did some research and apparently it is illegal to smoke weed.

Who knew living in an apartment would come with me doing so much research.

Day Thirteen

We left Nova alone in the apartment for an extended length of time for the first time and she didn’t do anything. Either she is a good girl or she is planning something.

I’m watching you shifty eyed dog.

Also my apartment smells like weed every now and then, I would love to take credit but I just don’t like weed. I guess maybe my neighbors might be, as the cool kids call it, toking up.

More research to come on that urban patois.

Day Twelve

I learned today that people actually enjoy reading my Apartment Life posts on Instagram. I might move them over to Facebook as well.

So today was super windy. And the siding on the ceiling of or apartment building ripped off. Pretty scary, I went to inform the front desk about it and they had a note that said training do not disturb.

Oh well I carried on about my day. Also I still need to buy cups I can’t find the right ones I want. So the search continues!


Day Eleven

The noises continue despite my best efforts! I will wait this out, and once the right time comes I will pounce on them with all the cunning and legal power I can muster! They will hate the day that they chose to abandon diplomacy for lazy inattentiveness!

For my networks run deep! The people that stand beside me are determined!

My daughter calls it snitching, I call it getting to enjoy my habitat!